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We erg you and expect you to Read carefully and understand our sales and trading policy and F.A.Q.

-Do you sell movies on VHS?
We prefer to trade movies, but we could sell you copies to help us in our Project. We ask you to first check your local store for availability of pre-recorded videos. these trades are collector to collector, no rights are given or implied.
-Do you trade movies?
Yes we do, but we ask you to first check your local store for availability of pre-recorded videos. We ask to trade with the movies that are in our want list or any kind of Historical, Fantasy, Legendary, Swashbuckler, Tarzan, Jungle, Religious,  Prehistoric, and Peplum titles that we do not know about and it happens that you have it...
- What is DVD+R/RW format?
DVD+R/+RW is designed from the start to be compatible with existing DVD-ROM drives and DVD-Video players, both on a physical as well as on a logical level. This means that a DVD+R or DVD+RW disc recorded in a DVD+R/+RW video recorder can be played in virtually all DVD-Video players or DVD-ROM equiped PCs, and that any DVD+R or DVD+RW disc recorded with data on a PC DVD+R/+RW drive can be read by most DVD-ROM drives. click here to visit for more information about this format
- Can I get my video on DVD+R/RW format?
Yes you could, but you have to make sure that your DVD player will play this format. Visit this website for compatibility list of DVD players. there will be no refunds if your DVD player is not compatible instead we will send you the VHS version and refund you the difference in price as soon as you send us back the DVD title you ordered plus shipping for the substituted VHS.

- We Trade Rare VHS Titles from our collection for DVD Titles from you!!

This service is provided for those collectors that want to Trade with us but do not carry titles from our want list. and do not want to trade with currency. and this also allow us to complete our DVD collection.
All you have to do is send us a New or a Used DVD title from our wanted DVD list and in return you will get any movie Titles on VHS tapes from our Collection or Store.
click here to know how does VHS for DVD trading works
-Do you buy Movies?
Yes we do. check our wanted movies list.
-What methods of payment do you accept?
-International cashier checks , International money orders, Western Union, wire transfers.
-What currency do you accept?
Basically, we post prices in US dollars. We also accept Euro. If paying by Euro then contact us for conversion rates
- I saw a movie in aflam's trade list but it is in a different format and I can not play it on my VCR or TV , Can you convert NTSC to Pal or PAL TO NTSC?
Yes, for an additional fee of US$6
Please note: NTSC, PAL and SECAM conversions are generally of less quality, so if you have a multi-format deck, we suggest you order the original format tapes that we carry.
-How is the picture quality and the playing condition of your videos?
The quality of our collection varies. Therefore, we added a condition section in our description of the movies that we trade or sell. We also added a rating for these titles.
click here to see the Picture Quality  and Playing Condition Rating codes
-Does your videos come with covers with art insert?
Not all of our collection has art inserts in the covers. contact us to send you a scan of a cover if we carry it. 
-What is your return policy?
Most of our videos come from different sources, therefore we can not guarantee that they are in perfect condition like the pre-records. we try to do our best to let you know the Playing condition and quality picture of each tape you order. If you receive a video that is seriously defected "NOT by uninsured Mail" we will be happy work it out with you and replace it with the same title.
-Do you have an upgrade policy?
We are continually searching the globe trying to upgrade our less-than-perfect titles. If you see a quality rating boost-up on a film that you have already purchased from us, all you have to do is send it back along with the correct shipping charge and we will upgrade it for you for free.
-How do I place an order?
Until our SHOPPING CART is completely finished and debugged you can order online by using the order form.
-What kind of tapes do you use for your regular movies?
We use high grade E-120 - E-180 - E-240 videocassettes. if you would like higher grade just let us know.
-What does this term mean?
LBX - letterboxed (black horizontal bars at the top and bottom of the screen that preserves the original theatrical aspect ratio)
Dubbed - the English language is 'dubbed' in (this occurs in foreign language films)
NTSC- Is the TV format in the United States,  Canada, South America, and Japan
PAL - Is the TV format in most of Western Europe and Asia.
SECAM- Is the TV format in Eastern Europe
Video  Cassette format
- Digital Video Format
LD -      Laserdisc
It has come to our attention that there are people who work for studios and production companies that pose as "traders" with the sole purpose to trick you into a potential copyright violation situation. Therefore, by contacting us you are acknowledging the following statement: I affirm that I am not working for any television or movie production studio/network or affilated organizations. I am not employed by, or am a member of a professional organization such as ASCAP or MPAA or any other such group or association. I am not employed by the federal government, affiliated agency or any type of sub-contractor or independent agent. I am not a postal inspector. By contacting you I understand that these trades are collector to collector, no rights are given or implied and any incidental costs that may be involved are not for product, but labor. In addition to the statement above I include this: In regards to the legality of the Video Home Recording act settled by Congress with the Home Recording Act( P.L 102-563,106 Stat 4237,Codified at 17 U.S.C 1001-1010) in October 1992. No action may be brought under this title alleging infringement of copyright based on manufacture, importation, distribution of a digital or analog recording medium or based on the non-commercial use of such a device or medium. No rights are intended, expressed or implied. If a trade is not possible, We  can provide a service from one collector to another. The services rendered include cost of transporting said goods. Any claims to and for the rights of said materials can be forwarded, requested and considered for removal from the list. But in case there are still questions of copyright infringement to be raised I request that you review this Supreme Court Case: Sony.Corp vs Universal City Studios (1984) under copyright law. This is located at The exact address for this case file is "
We have the right to add to this disclaimer without previous notice,  to our visitors, you should read this faq & policy before you trade or purchase any title.
when ordering buyer or trader should agree on this policy

1.) I, the undersigned purchaser agree that I in no way shall use this purchase of video cassette(s) as to
bring claim, prosecution or suit of any kind, at any time, for any reason against the seller, supplier,
shipper and or carrier, creator, manufacturer, advertiser and distributor.

2.) I, the undersigned certify that I am in no way associated with, employed by, volunteer services for or
act in conjunction with or on behalf of any of the following agencies and or organizations: Local, State
or Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. Local, State or Federal Government agencies and organizations,
including non-law enforcement agencies and organizations, Motion Picture Association of America,
NAACP or any activist organization, Union or movement.
3.) I, the undersigned purchaser do fully admit that by the signing of this agreement I am of my own free
will entering into a legally binding contract of agreement not to use this purchase in any way to
adversely affect the seller`s, supplier`s, shipper`s and or carrier`s, creator`s, manufacturer`s, advertiser`s
and distributor`s business or person.

4.) I, the undersigned purchaser certify that I am over the age of eighteen (18) years and wish to enter
into a legally binding contract.
5.) I, the undersigned purchaser agree that this Video Cassette(s) Purchase Agreement / Waiver shall
become effective upon delivery and receipt of video cassette(s) ordered and remain effective regardless
of the identity of recipient of the videocassette (s).

6.) I, the undersigned agree that I am paying monies for labor ( work done )
& materials ( video cassette(s) ). I further agree that I am not paying monies for any intellectual
matter contained upon the videotape within the video cassettes(s). I also agree that I in no way shall hold
the seller and or supplier liable for the release of any intellectual matter which may be contained upon the
actual videotape(s).

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