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ABE HAYAT (1933) Language Hindi Genre Love story Producer Fast India Films Director Krishna Gopal Music Director K C Dey Star Cast Kardar, Noorjehan, Nazir, Ali Akhtar, Bachchan, Pehlwan, Colour Black & White
ABE HAYAT (1955) Directed by Sardar Malik, Credited cast overview: Premnath Country: India Language: Hindi Color: Black and White
Ajooba (1991) wanted DVD
THE ADVENTURES OF ALADDIN (1979)  Language Hindi Genre Adventure Producer Homi Wadia Director Homi Wadia Music Director Sonik Omi Star Cast Sachin, Nazneen, Jaishree T., Raza Murad, Paintal, 
The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1927) aka: Die Abenteuer des Prinzen Achmed Credits: Director: Lotte Reiniger    wanted dvd
ADAMKHOR (1955)  Language Hindi Genre Adventure Producer Director Music Director Nisar Star Cast Black & White
Aladdin (1986) Director: Bruno Corbucci
/aka/ Aladdin's Lamp (Rufus Rose Company of Marionettes)
Director: Rufus Rose, Margo Rose, Robert "Nick" Nicholson, E. Roger Muir / Starring: Rufus Rose Marionettes. Classic children's tale of a youth finding an old lamp, then discovering it houses a magical genie. The tale is told through the magic of marionettes from the Rufus Rose company. This film was originally produced for an early cable television show in California after the Howdy Doody Show went off the air by several of the creators of the famous kid's show. Rufus Rose was Howdy Doody's original puppet master, and Robert "Nick" Nicholson was the second Clarabelle the Clown.VHS / 73 min /
Aladdin and His Lamp (1952)  Directed by Lew Landers| Cast (in credits order) || Patricia Medina AS  JasmineWANTED ANY VERSION any language
Alladin and the Wonderful Lamp (1900) Country: USA / Color: Black and White / Sound Mix: Silent / Production Companies : S. Lubin / Distributors: S. Lubin [us]
Alladin and the Wonderful Lamp (1926) Country of Origin: India / black and white / Sound: silent
Alladin and the Wonderful Lamp (1933) Country of Origin: India / black and white / Sound: silent
Alladin and the Wonderful Lamp [1957] PRODUCTION: Production Company: Sakthi Pictures / SCRIPT
Script: S. Rampath / DIRECTION:Director: T.R. Raghunath / CAST:
Nageswara Rao+Anjali T.S. Baliah+Thangavelu+S.V. Renga Rao+V.K. Ramaswamy+Raja Sulochana/ Country of Origin: India [in the Tamil language] / 191 mins / Format: black and white 35mm / Sound: mono
Allaudin and the Wonderful Lamp [1938] Country of Origin: India / 164 mins / black and white / PRODUCTION
Production Company: Paramount / DIRECTION: Director: Nanubhai Vakil / PHOTOGRAPHY: Director of Photography: Gulab Gopal / MUSIC: Music: Damodar Sharma / CAST: Navin Chandra, Miss Bansi Karnatak, Bacha Motee, / LINKS: SEQUEL: Son of Allaudin [1939]
ALLAUDIN KA CHIRAG (1958) Language Hindi Genre Adventure Producer Jai Shakti Pictures Director T. R. Raghunath Music Director S. Rajeshwarrao Star Cast A.Nageshwar Rao, Anjali Devi, T.S.Bhalla, Sulochana,Black & White
ALLAUDIN LAILA (New) (1957)  Language Hindi Genre Adventure Producer Golden Movies Director Lekhraj Bhakri Music Director A.R. Qureshi Star Cast Mahipal, Shakeela, Kammo, Krishna Kumari, Lalita Pawar
ALLAUDIN LAILA (1941)  Language Hindi Genre Adventure Producer Mohan Pictures Director A. M. Khan Music Director Master Basheer Star Cast Jayant, Ameena, Ghulam Mohd, Zahoor, Indurani, Colour Black & White List of Tracks
Alladin ka Beta [1939] Country of Origin: India / black and white / PRODUCTION: Production Company: Paramount / CAST: Shanker, Vazre, Sarojini Bose
ALLAUDIN KA BETA (1955)  Language Hindi Genre Adventure Producer United Pictures Director R. Rizvi Music Director S. Mahendra Star Cast Mahipal, Chitra, Tiwari, Naaz, Maruti, / black and white 35mm / Ratio: 1.37:1 / Sound: mono
ALADIN AND THE WONDERFUL LAMP (1952)   Language Hindi Genre Adventure Producer Basant Director Homi Wadia Music Director S. N. Tripathi Star Cast Mahipal, Meena Kumari, B.M.Vyas, S. N. Tripathi, W.M.Khan, Colour Black & White
Allaudin the Second [1934] PRODUCTION: Production Company: Honey / DIRECTION: Director: Nagendra Muzumdar / CAST: Nurjehan, Ranjit, Udwadia, Amritlal / india / color
Alif Laila (1933) Directed by Balwant Bhatt Shanti Dave, Shanti Dave | Also Known As: Alif and Laila (1933) Arabian Nights (1933) Country: India Language: Hindi
Ali-Baba [1902] France / black and white / silent / PRODUCTION
Production Company: Pathé

Director: Ferdinand Zecca
Ali Babà [1911]

aka: The Treasure Cave - US title

USA / Silent / B&W / CAST: Emilio Ghione
Ali-Baba [1934] black and white / PRODUCTION: Production Company: Madan / Timeline 1912 / April 23: USA - theatrical release
Ali Baba [1936] Country of Origin: USA / Year of Production: 1936 / Running Times: 7 mins / Format: Cinecolor / Ratio: 1.37:1 / Sound: mono / PRODUCTION: Production Company: Celebrity Productions Inc/ Executive Producer: P.A. Powers / Producer: Ub Iwerks / DIRECTION: Director: Ub Iwerks / MUSIC: Music: Carl W. Stalling/ USA
Theatrical Distributor: Celebrity Productions Inc Video Distributor: Grapevine Video/ 1936 January / 30: USA - theatrical release/ animation
Algy Tries Physical Culture [1910]  
Ali Babà [1911]  
Ali Baba [1936]  
Ali Baba [1971]  
Ali Baba [1991]  
Alì Babà [1996]  
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves [1907]  
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves [1918]  
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves [1944]  
Ali Baba Bound [1940]  
Ali Baba bujang lapok [1960]  
Ali Baba Goes To Town [1937]  
Ali Baba Kirk Haramiler [1971]  
Ali-Baba [1937] 134 mins / Format: black and white / PRODUCTION: Production Company: Shree Bharat Lushmi/ SCRIPT: Play: Pandit Kshirode Prosad Vidyabinode / DIRECTION: Director: Modhu Bose/ PHOTOGRAPHY: Director of Photography: Bibhuti Das, Gita Gosh / EDITING AND POST PRODUCTION: Editor: Shyam Das / MUSIC: Music: T. Frangopoulo, Nagardas Nayak / DESIGN AND SET CONSTRUCTION: Art Director: Motilal/ CAST: Sadhona Bose  + Suprova Mukherjea + Indira Roy + Priti K. Majumdar + Kamal Ghosh + Modhu Bose + Bibhuti Ganguli /
Ali-Baba [1939] India, black and white / Director:Mehboob/
CAST: Surendra, Wahindane
Ali Baba (1996)

Italian, animated feature directed by Zlata Potanckova Belli.  Written by Adriano Belli.  

Ali-Baba et les quarante voleurs [1954]  
Ali Babá e os Quarenta Ladrões (1972) Brazilian movie in Portuguese directed by Victor Lima. Starring Angelo Antônio, Renato Arag?o, Elza De Castro, Luiz Delfino and Elisa Fernandes Ali Babá e os Quarenta Ladrões [1972]
ALIBABA MARJINA (1977) Banner Rajshri Production (P) Ltd.  Language Hindi Genre Adventure Producer Tara Chand Barjatya Director Kidar Kapoor Music Director Usha Khanna Star Cast Prem Kishen, Tamanna, Amrish Puri, Jagdeep, Shakti Kapoor, Colour Colour
ALIBABA (1976) ALIBABA Production Year 1976 Language Hindi Genre Adventure Producer P. L. Sharma Director Mohamad Hussain Music Director Hansraj Behl Star Cast Dara Singh, Komila Virk, Dev Kumar, Satish Kaul, Rajendranath,
Alibaba and the Forty Thieves [1903] Country of Origin: India / black and white / PRODUCTION
Production Company: Classic Theatre / Director: Hiralal Sen
ALIBABA 40 THIEVES (1954) Language Hindi Genre Adventure Producer Basant Director Homi Wadia Music Director S. N. Tripathi, Chitragupta Star Cast Mahipal, Shakeela, B.M.Vyas, Sharda, Sardar Mansoor
Alibaba and Forty-One Thieves [1975] Country of Origin: India / Year of Production: 1975 /
colour 35mm / CAST: Adoor Bhasi, Prem Nazir
Ali Baba i sorok razbojnikov [1983] Country of Origin: USSR / Date(s) of Broadcast: 1983/ Total Number of Episodes: 1 / Average Episode Running Times: 75 mins, Format: colour / PRODUCTION: Production Company: Lentelefilm / SCRIPT: Script: Veniamin Smekhov / DIRECTION: irector: Oleg Ryabokon / MUSIC: Music: Viktor Berkovsky, Sergei Nikitin/ CAST: Oleg Tabakov + Tatyana Nikitina + Sergei Yursky + Natalya Tenyakova +  Veniamin Smekhov + Armen Dzhigarkhanyan  +
Ali-Baba und die 40 Räuber [1922] Country of Origin: Germany / Length: 376 metres / Format: black and white 35mm / Ratio: 1.33:1 / Sound: silent/Production Company: Berg- und Sportfilm Producer: Arnold Fanck / Director: Leopold Blonder
ARABIAN NIGHT (1967 ) Language Hindi Genre Adventure Producer Ram Kishan Films Director Nanubhai Bhatt Music Director Lala Sattar Star Cast Ajit, Mumtaz, Bhagwan, Shyam Kumar, Rajan Haksar
Arabian Nights (1974) Credits: Stars:Ninetto Davoli, Ines Pellegrini
Arabian Knight (1995)

Animated film directed by Richard Williams.  Written by Margaret French and Richard Williams.  In the Golden City a shy cobbler (voice of Matthew Broderick) struggles to make a living and to express his love for the princess Yum-Yum (Jennifer Beals).  His best friend is a cunning thief who never speaks.  The two band together to overcome the evil vizier Zigzag (Vincent Price) when he tries to seize power.  Also released as The Princess and the Cobbler.

This film was supposedly produced by Miramax for an earlier distribution but held back because of the Gulf War.  The producers believed that America wouldn’t be interested in a film set in the Middle East just then

Arzoo (1965) Hindi aka: Love in Kashmir Credits: Directed by Ramanand Sagar / Feroz Khan, Rajendra Kumar, Sadhana


Badshah (1964) Cast (in credits order) Dara Singh || Directed by Chandrakant (I) || Also Known As: Emperor, The (1964) Country: India Language: Hindi
BAGHDAAD KA CHOR (THIEF OF BAGHDAAD) (1934)  Language Hindi Genre Producer Director Music Director Star Cast Black & White
BAGHDAD KI RAATEIN (1962)  Language Hindi Genre Thriller Producer Manoj Production Director Nanabhai Bhatt Music Director D. Dilip Star Cast Shakeela, Mahipal, Colour Black & White
Baghdad Ki Raatein (1967) Cast  Mumtaz rest of cast listed alphabetically Ajit (I) Azad (I) Master Bhagwan Bela Bose Rajan Haksar Shyam Kumar Purnima (I) || Directed by Nanabhai Bhatt || Original music by Lata Sattar || Also Known As: Arabian Nights (1967) Panic in Baghdad (1967) Country: India Language: Hindi ||
BAGHDAD (1961)  Language Hindi Genre Action Producer Director T.R. Sundaram Music Director Jamal Sen Star Cast M.G. Ramachandran, Vaijayanti Mala, Helen, Gopi Bhalla, Sandhya, Colour Black & White
BAGHDAD KA CHOR Banner Madan Chitra(1955) Language Hindi Genre Family Drama Producer Director Shiram Music Director B.N.Bali Star Cast Chitra, Daljeet, Krishna Kumari, Ram Kumar, Maruti, Colour Colour
Baliseurs du désert, Les (1986)  Cast (in credits order)Nacer Khemir || Soufiane Makni || Noureddine Kasbaoui || Sonia Ichti || Hedi Daoud || Hassen Khalsi || Abdelazim Abdelhack ||  Directed byNacer Khemir ||  Writing creditsNacer Khemir ||  Original music byFethi Zgonda ||  Cinematography byGeorges Barsky ||  Film Editing byMoufida Tlatli ||  Production Design byRobert Narbonne ||  Costume Design byMaud Perl ||  Sound DepartmentFaouzi Thabet .... sound ||Production CompaniesFrance Média [fr]Latif Production/SATPEC [tn] ||Runtime: 95 || Country: France || Language: French || Color: Color ||
Babes in Baghdad (1953)  Directed by Jer?nimo Mihura and Edgar G. Ulmer Written by Joe Anson. Starring Paulette Goddard as Kyra and Gypsy Rose Lee as Zohara. Ezar (Richard Ney), Hassan (John Boles), Sharkhan (Thomas Gallagher), Sinbad (Sebastian Cabot). The harem goes on strike. An Arabian Lysistrata? Definitely not one of the director’s best, the film was nonetheless shown as part of an Edward Ulmer retrospective at the 51st International Edinburgh Film Festival in 1997.


COLE PORTER’S ALADDIN (1958)  Ralph Nelson directs; Legendary composer Cole Porter’s final musical; story of Aladdin (Sal Mineo) and his love for a beautiful princess (Anna Maria Alberghetti), curiously set in ancient China; w/Basil Rathbone




EROTIC DREAM OF ALADDIN (1996) Aladdin and his magic wishes - several gorgeous women (including Tabatha Cash & Julia Chanel) Joe D'Amato directs






Hatimtai Ki Beti (1965) (India: Hindi title: alternative title)

aka: Son of Hatimtai (1965)

Cast Mumtaz Randhawa || Malika Maruti || Directed by Dharam Kumar || Original music by Bulo C. Rani || Also Known As: Hatimtai Ki Beti (1965) (India: Hindi title: alternative title) Country: India Black & White
HATIMTAI KI BETI (1955) Language Hindi Genre Adventure Producer Vakil Prod. Director N. Vakil Music Director A.R. Qureshi Star Cast Mahipal, Chitra, Daljeet, Helen, Maruti, Krishna Kumari, Kumkum, Naaz, Hiralal, Black & White
HAATIMTAAI (1933) Language Hindi Genre Adventure Producer Director G.R. Sethi Music Director Madhulal Damodar Master Star Cast Black & White 
Hatimtai (1929)
RDirected by Prafulla Ghosh || ampiary A.R. Pahelwan Gulab Hydershah Haridas (I) Durga (II) Gangaram Rosy Leslie (I) Miss Hormez
A big budget four-part serial based on the Arabian Nights. It tells of the traveler Hatim and his encounters with the fairy Gulnar. It was a popular Parsee theatre story Country: India Color: Black and White Sound Mix: Silent


MAGIC CARPET (1964)  Language Hindi Genre Adventure Producer Unique Pictures Director +Babubhai">Babubhai Mistri  || Music Director Ram Prasad Star Cast Azad, Chitra, B.M.Vyas, Bhagwan, Janki Das, Black & White
MAGIC FLUTE (KHWAB-e-HASTI) (1934)  Language Hindi Genre Adventure Producer Imperial Director Homi Master Music Director Master Mohd. Star Cast Sulochana, Gohar, D.Billimoria, Chanda, Hadi,  Black & White
MAGIC HORSE (1935) Language Hindi Genre Adventure Producer Jayant Pictures Director Babubhai Jani Music Director Shanti Kumar Desai Star Cast Mehtab, Alaknanda, Pahalwan, MARUTI RAO, Haridas,  Colour Black & White


NAUSHERWAN-E-ADIL (1957)  Language Hindi Genre Mythological Producer Minerva Director Sohrab Modi Music Director C. Ramchandra Star Cast Raj Kumar, Mala Sinha, Sohrab Modi, Bipin Gupta, Murad, Shammi, Amir Banu, Black & White


- -


Phagun (1973) Directed by Rajinder Singh Bedi, Cast (in alphabetical order) Vijay Arora, Jaya Bhaduri, Dharmendra, Om Prakash, Waheeda Rehman / Original music by Sachin Dev Burman/ Country: India Language: Hindi
Priklyucheniya Ali-Baby i soroka razboynikov (1979) This joint Soviet-Indian venture was jointly directed by Latif Faiziyev and Umesh Mehra and jointly written by Shanti Prakash Bakshi and Boris Saakov. Dharmendra as Ali Baba, Hema Malini as Marjina, Rolan Bykov as the Vizier and Chief of Thieves, and Sofiko Chiaureli as Ali Baba’s mother. This movie was released in an English-dubbed version as: The Adventures of Ali-Baba and the Forty Thieves (1979) and in a Finnish dubbed version as Ali Baba ja 40 rosvoa (1981)




Rashk-e-Laila (1934) Cast (in credits order) Zubeida .... Laila Bhai Desa .... Ashgar Master Gulab .... Sardar Sagi Hiroji Pawar Master Yusuf Master Joshi .... Grand Vizir || Directed by Nanubhai Vakil || Writing credits G.K. Mehta (I) (dialogue) Nanubhai Vakil || Original music by Master Dinkar || Cinematography by V.V. Dote || Production Companies Mahalakshmi Cinetone Runtime: India:153 Language: Hindi Sound Mix: MonoThis costumed love fantasy derived from the Arabian Nights tells of Laila (Zubeida), a gypsy dancer who falls in love with the Persian soldier Asghar (Desa). The villain who lusts after Laila, is Sardar Sagi (Gulab), right-hand man to the grand vizir (Joshi) who has political ambitions of his own. Summary written by Sujit R. Varma {sujit_varma@hotmail.com}

The Return of the Thief (2000)  

Jasmine Sabu, daughter of the child star of the 1940 version, wrote the script for this sequel starring Chiranjeevi.

RUSTOM -E-BAGHDAD (1963)  Language Hindi Genre Adventure Producer Henna Films Director B.J. Patel Music Director N.Dutta Star Cast Dara Singh, Vijaya Choudhary, Chandrashekhar, Black & White
Rustom-e-Hind (1965) Directed by Kedar Kapoor Cast (in credits order) Mumtaz Dara Singh rest of cast listed alphabetically Mohan Choti Helen (I) Maruti K.N. Singh || Original music by Hansraj Behl | Country: India Language: Hindi Black and White


SAKHI HATIM (1955) Language Hindi Genre Adventure Producer Shah Pics Director N. Vakil Music Director A.R. Qureshi Star Cast Daljeet, Chitra, Hiralal, W.M.Khan, Black & White
SON OF ALI BABA (1955)  Language Hindi Genre Adventure Producer M.P. Films Director Manju Music Director Sardul Kwatra Star Cast Mahipal, Chitra, Manju, Chandrashekhar, Maruti, Black & White
Son of Hatimtai (1965)
aka: Hatimtai Ki Beti (1965) (India: Hindi title: alternative title)
Cast Mumtaz Randhawa || Malika Maruti || Directed by Dharam Kumar || Original music by Bulo C. Rani || Also Known As: Hatimtai Ki Beti (1965) (India: Hindi title: alternative title) Country: India. Black and White


Language Hindi, Genre Love story, Producer Madan Theatres, Director J.J.Madan, Music Director Vrijlal Verma, Star Cast Kajjan,  Black & White,   List of Tracks
SHEHERAZADE Par une étrange nuit étoilée, Princesse Shérérazade délivre Tilll'éfrit; enfermé dans un prisme de verre. Devenus inséparables, ils parcourent ensemble la planète. Les aventures qu'ils vivent sont inspirées des recueils de contes orientaux et de légendes où le fantastique et le féérique ressurgissent avec un traitement moderne, fantastique et plein d'humour. Version française - Couleur - PAL - Zone 2 - 1 face - Son stéréo - Format 4/3 - Tous publics - Durée approximative : 130 mn - 5 épisodes
Shéhérazade (1962)
Scherezade (1963) (Spain)
Schiava di Bagdad, La (1963) (Italy)
Directed by: Pierre Gaspard-Huit, With Anna Karina as Shéhérazade / Shéhérazade is a princess of the Arabian nights. She and another girl are chosen by the caliph for a test. The one who pass it will marry him. She won and she become the queen. The other girl wants to be queen too and plot against the caliph with the help of a traitor.
Siren of Bagdad (1953) Directed by Richard Quine || Cast (in alphabetical order) || Hans Conried Ben Ali || Karl 'Killer' Davis Morab
SULTANA CHAND BIBI (1936)  Language Hindi Genre Mythological Producer Ajit M. Director A. R. Kabooli Music Director Star Cast Kabuli, Sharifa, Shakuntala, Sadiq Ali, Nawab, Kamla Bai, Colour Black & White
SULTANA (1934)  Language Hindi Genre Family Drama Producer East India Film Co. Director A.R. Kardar Music Director Star Cast Gul Hamid, Zarina Wahab, Mazhar Khan, Indu Bala, Nawab, Colour Black & White
SULTANA MERA NAAM ( 2000)  Language Hindi Genre Action Producer Vimal Jain Director Teerath Singh Music Director Sawan Kumar Sawan Star Cast Anjali Kolhapuri, Rama Mehra, Ranjeet, Anil Nagrath, Ali Khan, Colour Colour
SULTANAT (1954)  Language Hindi Genre Mythological Producer Vikas Prod. Director Dwarka Khosla Music Director Chitragupt Star Cast Colour Black & White. VCD Rs. 250.00 Buy (2 CD Pack)
SULTANA DAKU (OLD) (1956)  Language Hindi Genre Action Producer R.D.Films Director Mohan Sinha Music Director Bipin Bulbul Star Cast Jairaj, B.M.Vyas, Krishna Kumari, Roopmala, Colour Black & White
SULTANAT (1986)  Language Hindi Genre Action Producer Arjun Hingorani Director Mukul Anand Music Director Kalyanji Anandji Star Cast Sridevi, Sunny Deol, Juhi Chawla, Dharmendra, Amrish Puri, Colour Colour. DVD Rs. 700.00 


Thief of Damascus (1952) Paul Henreid, John Sutton, Jeff Donnell, Lon Caney, Jr. Elena Verdugo
The Coming Of Sin (1977) Director: Jose Ramon Larraz / Cast: Patricia Granada, Lydia Zuaso, Rafael Machado / Description:

Lorna is a beautiful woman living all alone, with only her books and paintings for company. Then One day Triana, a wild, dark haired gypsy girl comes to stay with her. Soon the pair are lovers. But Triana has a dark secret that manifests itself in frightening dreams of domination and humiliation. Unable to resist the strange passions that consume her, Lorna finds herself sucked deeper into the whirlpool that surrounds her strange lover. category: *Adults Only / 18+ running time: 82 minutes audio: English




Wizard (1927) :Directed by Richard Rosson


WAZIR-E-AZAM (1961) Language Hindi Genre Mythological Producer R.S. Rahi Director R.S. Rahi Music Director Robin Chatterjee Star Cast Suresh, Shyam, Bhagwan, Nadira, Black & White


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